Jon Arrien

Full Stack Developer

Ruby and iOS Expert.
Sublime Text Lover, Terminal addict and Keybinding Zealot.

Sometimes I save the world from disaster. Available for hire.
Programming Languages

My programming language of choice are Ruby and Objective-C, but my background belongs to Java and PHP.

Ruby Objective-C Java Python C++ PHP


I have a long background using different kind of frontend frameworks.

CoffeeScript Sass Less Bootstrap Foundation Dojo Toolkit Sencha Mustache Handlebars HoganJS


I have experience handling multiple types of databases.

MongoDB PostgreSQL Oracle MySQL Sqlite

Systems / Cloud

Linux Mac OSX AWS

Good Practices

I like to develop taking care of good practices like DRY, YAGNI or KISS and base my devopment on a behaviour driven development. This are some tools or techniques I use:

Scrum Kanban TDD BDD CI Cucumber RSpec Continuous Integration GTD (Thins) iTerm 2 ZSH Sublime Text 2 Vim Snippets Alfred 2


I have experience heading all type of projects, from small to large projects.

Django BackboneJS EmberJS ElasticSearch Redis Virtuoso RDF